No more burnt fingers. Handi-Touch Microwave Bowl Set lets you heat and eat immediately. The Microwave Bowl Set includes:

  • Durable Ceramic Inner Bowl
  • Vented soft Plastic Lid which prevents splatters
  • Lid allows easy refrigerator storage to microwave without changing bowls
  • Soft grip, non-slip caddy handle provides secure holding and Handi-Touch handling
  • 24 oz inner bowl capacity
  • Available in red or blue

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This attractive, silk-like thermal undershirt keeps you warm without the heft of wool or cotton. Made from Tactel (TM), an advanced technology fabric that expels water and insulates you from the cold. The fabric is strong, elastic, soft, breathable and light as silk. It's so light-weight you forget you are wearing it. Second Skin keeps your natural body heat close and can be worn under any garment and for any occasion.

Available in white, black, rose pink and natural beige in sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL/XXXL.

West One Products LLC offers a wide variety of imported consumer goods designed to make life more organized and easier. Some are very uncommon solutions to common issues. Take a look...



Flex Seal is the "handy man in a can!" It is a liquid rubber in a can that instantly fill cracks and holes, stopping even the toughest leaks. The strong rubberized coating is unaffected by weather and keeps its hold in extreme heat and cold. The advanced formula is guaranteed to coat, seal, protect and stop leaks fast. Perfect for AC drip pans, roof repair, leaky gutters, basement leaks, cracked fountains and so much more.

Flex Seal keeps out water and last for years. Once dry, Flex Seal (TM) can be painted any color. 

It's the easy way to coat, seal and protect.

Available in 16 oz and 20 oz cans. 


Special fibers are woven into a dense multi-layered fabric -- each individual fiber contain 1536 micro-fibers, giving the towel unmatched absorption capacity. Moisture evaporates quickly from the fabric, inhibiting mold and mildew.

Fully synthetic material prevents bacteria/mold/mildew growth, keeping the towel and mat sanitary over a prolonged period of use. The feather-soft nano-fibers work on even the most sensitive skin. 

Towels and mats are manufactured under strict quality control using the latest advancedments in textile industry technology. Much more durable than conventional nylon, ensuring a longer lifespan than similar products.

Available in bath towel (51"x12"), hand towel (30"x12"), wash cloth (12"x12") and mat (25"x18") in a variety of pastel colors.


The Magic Cloth Cleaning Mitt is the ultimate solution to your household cleaning needs. Simply slip it over your hand. Then, wherever your hand reaches, fresh cleanliness follows. All thanks to the innovative combination of glove and mop.

Once Magic Cloth is soiled, simply wash it with running water -- all dirt and grime rinses out effortlessly, every time!  The new high-tech woven fibers ensure Magic Cloth can be reused over and over for years to come.

No matter if it is oily dishes, dusty shelves or a greasy engine bay, Magic Cloth has you covered. 

Available in yellow, baby blue and pink.


Get rid of those stubborn stains and tarnish. It's easy with Magic Shield Tarnish Cleaner. This eco-friendly, amazing cleaner removes tarnish and stains from glass, metal, silver, kitchen and bath. Rinse off with water and the cleaner provides a protective cover to slow the tarnish from returning. Remove stubborn stains easily and safely. No toxic mess or fumes.