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So Many Shoes... So Much Clutter

Did you know that the average U.S. woman owns 27 pairs of shoes? Shoe storage can be either very organized or very cluttered. In small spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, children's rooms and small closets, shoe storage can be  even more of a problem. 

In Asia, where indoor space is at a premium, West One Products developed just the answer. Now it has brought that same concept to the U.S. -- Shoe Pal. A trademarked molded plastic design provides just the answer to help organize and categorize shoes for easy storage.

  • A secure docking for high heels and those stillettoes
  • A ventilated base to prevent mold and eliminate shoe bacteria and odors
  • Large solid heel blocker to prevent slip-free storage
  • 4 adjustable heights for small and large shoes
  • Fun assorted colors for easy categorizing of shoes
  • Sturdy one-size fits all construction

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